4 Things You Didn’t Know About Change Management

Not everyone likes change; however, resistance to change can lead to disaster in the professional world. A company must evolve in order to stay competitive, and everyone needs to be onboard when change is on the horizon.

How To Run An Effective Appraisal

If you have appraisals coming up with your team, it is important to plan for a creative and effective experience. Many times, both employers and employees come away from these meetings with feelings of complete failure.

When Should You Start Mentoring Your Team?

As a manager, you may be wondering about introducing a mentorship programme to your team. There are clear benefits to mentorship (which we will also present below), but did you ever wonder if you are too late in the game for mentoring?

What Will Leadership Look Like In The Next 10 Years?

With the world constantly evolving and the integrative part technology plays in our lives, it is no surprise that jobs and job descriptions are quickly changing as well. It is important for professionals to think ahead and focus on learning skills that are not only valued at the present time, but will be highly sought[…..]