How To Know What To Concentrate On As A Manager

Many managers face the dilemma at times of what to focus their valuable time on when it appears that everything is urgent, everything is important and nothing can be delegated to anyone else. This predicament can have many repercussions on managers’ time and effort, as they switch from issue to issue, prepared to fight fires[…..]

How To Create A Culture Of Accountability

Why is it so difficult to get my people to take full responsibility for results? This was a question one of my consultants faced when he was working with a client recently.

How To Specifically Express Appreciation For A Good Job

Praise and recognition have often been stated as a key motivational practice for many people. Why? Because being recognised for doing a good job strokes our ego, builds on our self-esteem, creates goodwill between the two people, develops self-worth and makes our self-confidence do a lap of honour.