How To Gain More Ownership And Commitment Through Autonomy

One of the fundamental human needs we have at work is the ability to control our own approach to tasks. If we are simply ‘doing a job’, it is not surprising that our motivation will soon atrophy and die. What is it that makes us want to do this? Why is this aspect of autonomy[…..]

What Is Employee Empowerment And Why Is It Important?

A recent report by Seibert, Wang and Courtright in Applied Psychology magazine carried out an analytical review of the consequences of team empowerment in organisations. They concluded that ‘when employees feel empowered at work, it’s associated with stronger job performance, job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation’. What, then, is empowerment in the workplace?

How To Deal With Difficult Customers

I recall a customer years ago who I would describe as ‘difficult’. No matter what I said, she interrupted me. No matter how I tried to appease her, she wouldn’t listen.

Simple Tips & Tricks To Common Time Management Problems

Of all the challenges we hear managers facing these days, the aspect of being able to manage their own time is very often top of the list. It’s not because we have less time; it’s that the demands on us these days are so great, we have difficulty in identifying the best use of our[…..]

How To Calm Your Nerves Before A Presentation

How do you feel when you are about to present information, even to people you are familiar with? If you’re like most people, you will suffer from nervous anxiety or, at best, have ‘butterflies’ in the stomach. How can we calm our nerves? Why do we suffer from ‘nerves’ and how can we calm them[…..]