3 Employee Motivation Strategies To Energise Your Staff

Team crowded around a tableModern leaders know that to get the most out of their employees, they should motivate them to try their best.

Although most workers do what is required of them to keep their jobs, providing extra motivation can contribute to extra efficiency, innovative thinking and better job loyalty.

However, the tried and true methods of employee motivation, such as bonuses and gift cards, are often expensive or simply unoriginal.

This is why, in this article, we will provide unique employee motivation strategies to energise your staff.


According to Forbes, “training is the new 401(k)!”

There are various ways to provide training to your team members, through mentorship programmes, books, online or physical classes, or simple one-on-one conversations.

This is actually not only valuable to the employee, but to the overall success of the company, since the workers will be more competent and better able to complete their jobs.

In addition to the practicality of the training, it will also show staff members that management is invested in their professional development and success.

Free Meals 

More and more companies are adopting a new strategy – providing free food to staff.

Whether this may consist of one meal, such as lunch, or three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a great perk to promote employee loyalty.

Not having to think about packing lunches to work will save your team time to focus on other tasks at home; as well, those that purchase lunch will be able to save that money for other expenses.

This perk also has benefits for the organisation; by having employees stay inside the office for breaks, they will likely eat faster and return to work earlier, getting more done.

Flexible Schedule

Although not possible for all business, the option to create one’s own schedule is perhaps one of the biggest motivators to employees.

Working parents can make up their schedule so that it allows them to spend time with their children.

Others can make time for appointments and other obligations in the middle of the day.

This also has advantages for the company; if workers choose to work from home, this will save the firm money by not having to pay for electricity, office supplies, and even certain insurances.

Employment motivation is necessary to urge staff to be the best they can be.

These three innovative rewards will not only improve employee retention, but will prove to be advantageous in other areas for both the employee and the business.

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Originally published: 6 October, 2015