The 3 Main Warning Signs That Your Employee May Quit

Business woman holding I Quit signOne of the worst situations an employer may face is when a valued staff member suddenly quits.

Even if a standard two-week notice is provided, it may not nearly be enough time to find a suitable replacement, train that person, and resume work flow without interruptions.

High employee turnover may costs employers financial losses, missed deadlines, and low employee morale.

To avoid this, managers should evaluate their staff’s behaviour and mood to check for warning signs that an employee may be considering moving on from the organisation.

If this is caught early, the boss may be able to address the staff’s concerns and prevent the employee from quitting.

Here are some of the warning signs to look out for:

Taking A Lot Of Time Off

While you should allow your team members to take their paid time off for personal reasons, such as an illness or a holiday, you should become a bit suspicious if the individual suddenly starts taking an unprecedented amount of days off work.

There are two reasons to be concerned about in this scenario.

One is if the employee takes a few hours off here and there throughout the span of a few weeks, as this could mean they need the time to go on job interviews.

Another scenario is if a member of staff suddenly asks to for a lot of days off, as this could signal that they are about to leave the company and don’t want to waste their paid time off.

Asking For A Promotion/ Raise Repeatedly

One of the biggest reasons that employees change jobs is for better opportunities.

It is important to reward your staff for their hard work with deserved promotions and raises.

This lets the staff members know that their manager notices their efforts, appreciates it, and compensates them fairly and justly.

If one of your employees has asked you for a promotion or simply a bigger paycheck time and time again, and each time you had said no, it may lead them to pursue other opportunities.

Consider whether the individual truly deserves what they are asking for, and evaluate whether not giving in is worthwhile of losing this person.

Change In Attitude

Another warning sign that your subordinate may be considering leaving the company is a change in attitude.

A happy, hard-working and motivated staff can suddenly turn moody, untrustworthy and turn in sloppy work.

Most of the time, if the person is invested in their job, they will not exhibit these behaviours unless something is happening in their personal lives.

If you notice these changes in your staff, speak to them privately to see what may be the problem.

Prevent high employee turnover with monitoring warning signs that your staff may leave.

If you do notice any of these three signs, consider what you can do to entice your employee to stay put.

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Originally published: 27 May, 2016

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