3 Quick Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Business woman doing exercises at deskPeople around the world are working more than ever<.

This leaves very little time to spend on personal needs, such as fitness.

Most employees these days work at a desk, which requires them to sit for extended periods of time.

However, sitting appears to be bad for overall health; the 2010 edition of British Journal of Sports Medicine reports that “recent, observational studies have suggested that prolonged bouts of sitting time and lack of whole-body muscular movement are strongly associated with obesity, abnormal glucose metabolism, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and cancer.”

As a result of sitting throughout the day, many professionals report feeling unhealthy and overweight, as well as suffering from back problems.

The good news is that even busy workers can remain active without ever leaving their desks.

In this article, we will share three quick & easy exercises that can be done at a desk, which can help you fight obesity, retain your flexibility, and build up your strength.

Wooden Leg

This is one of the easiest exercises for strengthening the lower body, requiring little space, which can easily be done at a desk.

Raise your leg at knee level and hold out straight for two seconds, then lift it as high as you can, and hold for another two seconds.

Start at 10 exercises per leg; and build up your endurance to doing 50 sets per leg.

Stationary Abdominal Crunch

For those that want to focus on working out their abs, this exercise can help them to do so without leaving their desk.

This is a form of isometric exercises that build up endurance and resistance by contracting and holding specific sets of muscles without lengthening them.

For the abs, with feet flat on the floor, breathe in and hold your ab muscles for at least 10 seconds, as you would for a crunch.

Build up your endurance by holding the position longer and doing more sets.

Desk Squat

Move your chair away and place your feet together while standing up.

Bend your knees like you are sitting in a chair, and bend.

Additionally, every time you bend, raise your arms straight up for fifteen seconds.

Keep up with your health without losing time at the office by trying these three exercises at your desk.

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Updated on: 23 November, 2015

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