3 Quick Tips On Becoming A Well Respected Boss

Businesspeople Stacking HandsWhat characterises a good boss?

Is it a profitable department, low turnover and quality work?

It is all three; however none of that is possible without dedicated and motivated employees.

A big determinant of how hard employees work for the overall success of the business is how well they respect their boss.

Staff that feel ignored, unappreciated or exploited by their boss will tend to slack of at work, or simply look for another job.

Therefore, an important goal of every manager needs to be being respected by their staff.

In this blog post, we will help you learn ways to change your relationship with your team for the better.

Get To Know Your Employees

The first, and most logical way to improve your relationship with your staff is to get to know them.

You may spend 40-hours a week working side by side with someone, but do you actually take the time to ask them questions about their personal life?

Do you know their aspirations for their careers, or if they are happy on the job?

It is important to form a relationship with each and every employee to be an effective boss.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that your employees are not only in your team, but the cleaners, cooks etc., that work for you.

You must value all of your staff to be seen as a fair and caring boss.

Put Your Staff First

A general leads his team into battle, entering first, and a leader at the office should also put their staff first.

This means that if you are requiring your staff to work through the weekend to finish an important project, consider allowing them to come in late on Monday to get some rest, even if you have to come in bright and early to present the project.

Putting your staff first means not taking credit for their work, but allowing them to shine in front of your own bosses, and doing everything in your power to help your staff evolve in their roles and careers.

When your employees know that you are invested in their success, they will respect you even more.

Don’t Be Too Rigid

Although there are corporate policies in place as far as your staff’s responsibilities and paid time off, remember that they are human, and you should be empathetic to their needs.

This can include giving your employee a day off to take care of their sick child, even if they haven’t accrued the time yet.

This can also mean allowing your staff to work from home for a few days when they’re not feeling well.

A boss who is well respected is one who has loyal and productive employees.

A professional relationship is one of give and take, and the more a boss gives to their staff, the more the staff will give back.

Thanks again

Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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