3 Quick Tips On Gaining That Well-Deserved Promotion

Wooden stairs and figure chasing starThere are so many benefits to being a flexible worker – having the ability to make your own schedule, working out of the comfort of your own flat, not having a lengthy commute to work, etc.

Research shows that many employees nowadays prefer flexibility over a promotion.

However, those employees that do have the chance to work virtually also want to grow in their careers.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest disadvantages of working away from the office may be a harder time getting a promotion.

This is why all flexible staff should use the tips in this article to increase their chances of getting promoted.

Show Your Face

When you are a flexible employee, chances are that you sit in your house working away, rarely having face-to-face time with your boss and coworkers.

You may get directions via email, and turn in assignments the same way, but that is likely the only way you communicate.

This is the biggest reason that when a higher position opens up, your boss may overlook you, and instead hire a person that is in the office day in and day out.

Virtual workers should make sure they have the same shot for a promotion by showing their face in the office, at least periodically.

Although that may not be realistic for some who may work out of town or in a different country, these individuals should schedule regular Skype calls with their boss to maintain a relationship.

Demonstrate Results

It is likely that physical employees meet for weekly staff meetings, where accomplishments are announced and shared, which gives the boss an idea of who is deserving of a promotion.

Virtual employees probably don’t attend the said meetings, and their colleagues and bosses may not be aware of their achievements and milestones.

It is advantageous for flexible employees to keep track of their effort and performance and then provide quarterly (or annual) reports to prove to their leaders that they are easily handling their workload, and able to take on more responsibility.

Ask For It

If you don’t communicate regularly with your superior, especially about topics outside of the specific projects you may be working on, your leader may not be aware of your professional ambitions.

Furthermore, managers may unfairly believe that flexible workers are not as ambitious as regular ones, preferring flexibility over success.

To correct that mistaken idea, make sure to tell your boss your plans and hopes of climbing the corporate ladder.

Sometimes it just takes asking for an open position to get your dream promotion!

Flexible workers often face a disadvantage when it comes time to getting promoted.

To make sure you don’t get overlooked, utilise the three strategies in this blog post.

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