3 Quick Tips On Improving Your Concentration

Man concentrating on work and ideasMost people come to the office with the mindset of working productively, and accomplishing certain tasks throughout the day.

However, after stopping by to chat with a few colleagues, having a cup of tea, perusing through daily emails, daydreaming, and getting distracted by text messages and other employees, the day seems to end without much getting done.

If this scenario is common in your working life, you need to improve your concentration to be able to focus on work-related goals, and get them done quickly and efficiently.

Follow these three tips to help you improve your concentration:

Limit Distractions – Certain individuals can tune everything out and focus on their workload, while others have a harder time doing so.

When you are first trying to ignore your distractions, the easiest way to get around that is to limit them.

When you have set aside time to work on a specific problem, close down any social media websites, exit out of your email, turn your mobile on silent and close your door.

Eliminating any outside noise and temptations to check an incoming text will encourage you to continue working on the task at hand.

Prioritise – Oftentimes, managers feel overwhelmed because they are handling so many things at one time.

This forces them to drop one thing to focus on another, which ends up being an endless cycle that leaves no single task effectively done.

To avoid this, prioritise your goals in order to give your full concentration to each and every one.

Every day, make a list of the most pressing items to focus on first, and then checking other items that can be worked on later.

Reward Yourself – If you are not used to truly sitting down and working without diverting your attention, help yourself succeed at it by giving yourself small rewards.

It is difficult to completely change your behaviour overnight; if you find yourself distracted by wanting to check your Facebook page, for example, allow yourself to do that, just in due time.

Set up small rewards for yourself after a certain task is completed, or you have worked for a specific time.

For example, you can check Facebook after three hours of work.

Small milestones will not only help prove to yourself that you can concentrate, but will also give you something to look forward to, encouraging your success.

Concentration is a skill that needs to be learned, and can’t be achieved overnight.

By following these three pieces of advice, and committing yourself, you can slowly improve your concentration skills at work.

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Originally published: 8 September, 2015