3 Quick Tips On Keeping Employees Safe At Work

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As a manager, your role is not only make sure the workload gets completed, but also to keep your employees safe.

When you are employing staff, you are responsible for their well being while they are at work.

While accidents, natural hazards and crime are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to promote workplace safety, such as:


While some businesses, such as those that deal with sensitive information or hold large amounts of money on the premises, are in more needed of security, all companies can benefit from this.

Depending on the size of your organisation, you may consider hiring one or more security guards to man your premises.

These individuals can monitor all people who come into your office in order to prevent criminals or those not authorised from entering.

They can also step in in case a dispute occurs with the staff inside the office.

Self Defense Courses

Many individuals are assaulted every day as they enter dark parking lots after work; however, criminals can attack at any time.

A great perk you can offer to your team is a self defense course which will arm them with the skills necessary to protect themselves.

You can find a local self defense class and cover your employees’ course fees, or you can hire a personal expert come to your officeand teach your staff the moves necessary for self defense.

Up To Code

While having security and arming your staff with self defense tactics is valuable, there are natural hazards and accidents that may occur that these two defenses will not help.

In order to protect your employees from fires, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, you need to verify that your building and necessary supplies are up to code.

Ask an expert to come in and evaluate whether your building is up to code to withstand an earthquake; if it is not, discuss these issues with your landlord.

Make sure your fire and flood alarms are working properly, and fix them if they are not.

Prepare emergency supplies that may be required in the event of an emergency.

It is never a bad idea to be overly prepared to protect your staff.

Whether a criminal or a natural disaster can be a threat, covering your bases as well as you can play a big role in keeping your employees safe.

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Updated on: 3 December, 2015

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