3 Quick Tips On Making A Stress-Free Career Choice

Lazy business womanAccording to Stress.org, 75% of Britons report that they don’t enjoy their work.

A large reason behind that is that stress seems to be a huge factor in work satisfaction.

Whether you are just trying to pick a career, or are considering switching jobs, this article will help you by providing good advice for a stress-free career choice.

Do What You Love

Since workers usually spend most of their time at the office, it is helpful to do what you absolutely love. While certainly all job descriptions involve some level of stress, when you spend your time doing something pleasing or important, that can lower stress. Therefore, whether you find it important to work for advancing a social cause at a nonprofit, or practice your love of photography by starting your own business, decide on what you love to do and try to find a career that encompasses that.

Do What You are Good at

While some individuals tend to pick a job that pays the most, it can also not match their skill set, causing stress over their inabilities and shortcomings. It can be extremely advantageous to pick a career doing something that you are good at. While any industry will typically have innovations that you will need to learn, being good at something will give you a chance in having a stress-free career. There are many evaluation tests that you can take if you are not sure where your strengths lie, or finding a mentor in a university or current job can help you to get a neutral opinion about your strengths and weaknesses.

Work/ Life Balance

It is helpful to keep personal needs in mind when selecting a career, as a job will certainly take time away from your personal life. While single people often have free time to dedicate to professional pursuits, they still should keep in mind hobbies and other interests that can suffer from a specific career choice. People that have families should consider accepting a job even more carefully, as a profession that requires a big time commitment can prevent them from spending time with their loved ones. A work/ life scenario that is unbalanced will create stress for the individual, as he or she will try to meet both personal and professional demands, but will not have the time for both.

By focusing on doing what you love, doing what you are good at, and finding a good work/life balance, you will be able to pick a career that offers a lower level of stress for your health and sound mind.

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Originally published: 14 December, 2015