3 Quick Tips On Managing Your Difficult Boss

Employee being told off by her bossOne of the most challenging roles a manager has to face is dealing with their own manager.

You likely consider yourself an expert in your field, and know the ins and outs of your job.

However, you need your boss’ approval to hire employees, take on new projects or go after specific clients.

Your interests may not always align with that of your employer, who may simply look at the bottom line and not pay mind to your suggestions.

If you feel confident that you know the right course of action, there is a way to persuade your boss to give over more control by learning how to manage your own manager.

Improve Your Communication – Many times, all it takes to get your boss on your side is to clearly communicate your purpose. If you have a risky idea that you believe will greatly benefit the department, your leader may be nervous about implementing it. However, if you provide examples of other companies that have tried it and were successful, that may provide a greater incentive for your boss to consider it.

Share Your Results – You know how difficult it is to keep up with the accomplishments of all your employees; and it’s equally hard, if not more so, for your boss. However, it is imperative that he is aware of your successes in order to trust and respect you. Therefore, it is advisable to share your results with your boss; a good idea is to create a quarterly folder with examples of your achievements. After a while, after your boss has seen a steady flow of your good judgments, he will likely start to give you more leeway in making your own decisions.

Give Him The Credit – Many wise employees know that sometimes, in order to get what you want at work, you need to give your chief the credit. If you feel too timid to ask your boss to try a new venture, or are fairly confident she will say no, try hinting or talking up the idea, allowing your boss to believe that she came up with this herself. In this scenario, although you do not get the recognition for coming up with the idea, everyone still wins.

These are three good tips for trying to manage your own boss and empowering yourself to make more decisions at work.

However, oftentimes, the direct approach works just as well.

Therefore, try to ask your boss for what you want and see what he says, you may be surprised by the answer!

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Mark Williams

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