3 Quick Tips On Motivating Yourself Through Tiredness

Tired businessman yawningWe have all had days when the only thing we want is to go home and lay in bed.

However, that desire cannot always be reality when we have too much work on our hands.

Whether you have had a late night before and just want to rest, or you have been working long days and nights to finish a project, there are many times you need to motivate yourself to keep going when you feel like you have no energy left.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than not in the lives of managers, as they are juggling many assignments on their plates.

However, there are tips you can try to urge yourself to keep going even when you are very tired.

Taking A Break – While this may sound counterproductive, taking a break in the midst of the chaos of work is actually a wise idea. When you have spent hours at a desk staring at a computer screen, or what seems like half a day in a meeting room, stop what you are doing and give yourself some room to breath.

Giving yourself anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour to think about anything other than work will refresh your mind and body. If possible, leave the office; take a walk outside and breath some fresh air.

If you have to stay in the office, visit the dining area and make yourself a quick cup of tea or coffee along with a healthy, pick-me-up snack, such as nuts. You will see than when you return back to your job load, you will be more energetic and clearheaded to continue working.

Reward Yourself – Most of us get inspired by a reward system. You likely know the importance of rewarding your employees for a job well done.

You may either give them a compliment, a bonus, or treat them to lunch. You should devise a similar reward system for yourself, treating yourself to something that you can look forward to after completing a big assignment that you’ve had to work hard for.

Promise yourself a day off after coming in on weekends for a month, or commit to buying something you have always wanted, whether it be a piece of technology or clothing, after getting the big raise for working hard. You will see how much more motivated you will be to do your job when you will have something to look forward to.

Organise – It’s difficult to stay on track and focused when you feel completely overwhelmed.

When we have too many items on our desk, and we don’t know what to turn to first, it gets so stressful that we just want to quit. This is why it is imperative to organise and create lists and charts to help us stay on top of our assignments.

Create a to do list with the most pressing items first, and then an outline of what needs to get accomplished. Then, review what you need to do yourself and what you can delegate to others. Remember to cross off items that have been completed.

Seeing for yourself that you are closer and closer to finishing your projects will help you motivate yourself to work harder because you’ll be closer to the finish line.

Procrastinating and giving into your desire to quit working and go home and rest will only result in work piling up in the meantime.

Instead, motivate yourself to work to complete your tasks so you can feel accomplished.

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Updated on: 5 August, 2015

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