3 Quick Tips On Shifting To A Harmonious Corporate Culture

Team gathered around a laptopDo you like coming to work each day to stressful colleagues and chaos in the workplace?

Or, do you prefer happy coworkers and a peaceful atmosphere?

There is probably no person that would prefer the former, but, unfortunately, not all offices operate as such.

Corporate culture, or the processes and established beliefs of a company, typically develop over time, and are never expressedly set.

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However, when working with aggressive people, or unreliable bosses, a certain culture will develop that will create stress.

There are ways that managers can actively change the corporate culture to be more peaceful, with these strategies:

Write It Down

You can come to work one day and decide to change your company’s culture, but you need to alert your employees to your plan.

Not only that, but you should let them know exactly what is changing and why this is happening.

The most helpful way to do that is to first create a company or department handout or booklet that will explain your mission in changing the company culture.

If you want to focus on less arguments, for example, you may state so, and then explain how you will implement that.

For example, you may provide access to anger management classes so that your team can learn better ways to express themselves.

Whatever it is that you are looking to improve, make sure your employees know, as well.


You may establish certain practices to improve your corporate culture, but you must reinforce them in order to truly make a change.

Forbes.com offers a great example of hotel chain, Ritz-Carlton, which makes it a daily priority to review at least one of their corporate values by various employees.

Due to this repetition, all staff members know what is expected of them, and nothing comes as a surprise.

Make The Tough Shots

Once you have committed to making your company culture more peaceful, you may need to make some tough decisions to keep it as such.

Once you have informed your team members of your decision to make a change, provided them with the necessary tools to do so, and have reinforced your decision, you may notice that some employees are still not behaving according to the new standard.

At that point, you may need to consider whether they are valuable enough to continue to deal with the behaviour, or whether replacing these individuals may benefit the team as a whole.

Leaders should constantly strive to establish a peaceful corporate culture for themselves and their staff.

An environment that is always stressful and negative can lead to a high employee turnover, which will present problems for the company.

To improve the culture, follow the three suggestions in this article.

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Updated on: 30 November, 2015

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