3 Small Hacks That Will Make You Massively Increase Productivity

Improve Productivity HandwrittWhile many online articles provide tips on how you can beat the mid-week slump, many of us have a hard time simply getting through Monday!

The daily responsibilities we have to face at work just seem overwhelming and the to-do list only keeps growing, which is why many people simply chug along working on one task after another, never seeming to get anything done right or on time.

The loss in productivity affects nearly every company, and not only cuts business revenue, but gets in the way of qualified candidates getting promotions.

How can you be more productive in the office?

Start your day right from the early morning!

Wake Up Earlier

Yes, the thought of waking up earlier when you are already overtired and underslept may not excite you, but it may be just the thing you need!

The fact is that most professionals hit snooze so many times on their alarm clocks that they don’t have enough time to get properly ready for work.

They end up flying out of the house without a shower or a healthy breakfast, stressing all the way to work, which only sets them up to fail later in the day.

When we have enough time in the morning, we can concentrate on taking steps to keep us energised and ready to work all day!

A quick jog in the morning can pump us with healthy endorphins which we need to be more focused and happier!

A nutritious breakfast full of protein, vitamins and nutrients can keep us feeling full longer and won’t give us the midday sugar crash typical from picking up a sugary snack at the local coffee shoppe.

Finally, giving yourself enough time to get to work, will result in a calm commute and will save your nerves for the rest of the day.


When most managers come into the office, they are bombarded by questions and requests from their staff, meeting requests from clients and directions from their superiors.

This is the reason that most professionals feel like half of their day is gone before they know it and they are always falling behind.

When you get to the office, the first thing you need to be doing is checking your voicemails and emails for any emergency or pressing items, and then compiling a checklist for what needs to be done that day.

Focus on completing the most important items or those due the soonest first, leaving time to answer correspondence and communicate with your staff later.

When you give yourself time to work on the most pressing tasks first, you are more alert, awake and energetic, meaning you will get them done faster than if you leave them for the end of the day.

Take Breaks

While some managers will laugh at the idea of taking breaks throughout their hectic days, this is important to keep up your energy levels!

Lunch is the most important break because it provides an opportunity for you to replenish your energy with healthy food options.

However, other than food, your mind and body needs periodic breaks from work to relax and re-energise.

Even the busiest employees can take time out for a break; in fact a source states that a 30 second microbreak can boost productivity levels by up to 13%, while a 15 second break from a computer screen can make you feel up to 50% less tired.

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Originally published: 31 May, 2017

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