3 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs More Employees

Office job stress workIt can be a difficult choice to add extra workforce to your existing team.

The extra expenses on paying a salary, payroll taxes and other expenses with hiring additional staff members can be a financial constraint for many small and medium enterprise owners or managers.

However, not having enough employees to handle the workload can put a business in jeopardy by missing deadlines, making mistakes and/or increasing employee turnover.

What signs can you look out for to decide if your business does in fact require more employees?

Never-Ending Workload

One of the most telltale signs that you need extra hands on deck is a never-ending workload.

If you and your staffers are working tirelessly day in and day out, but can never catch up on projects, you definitely need help.

However, before committing to hiring a full-time employee, analyse the need.

Are there specific times throughout the month or the year when the workload increases?

Many companies have busy times, such as specific seasons or holidays, or a peak time each month.

To find help during this time, your need may be resolved with a part-time, freelance or a season employee instead of a full-time candidate.

Required Skillset

Oftentime, the need for extra employees is not the result of an insufficient number of staffers, but a lack of a certain skillset.

Your current team members may be handling their workload just fine, but as your business grows, releases new products or introduces new services, you may notice that you need a certain professional to handle an area in which your other employees lack expertise.

This may be a product developer, a content writer, a marketing expert or an IT professional.

Better Work/Life Balance

It is a proven fact that most business owners and those in leadership positions work longer hours that the typical 9-5 staff.

While you may be meeting all of your deadlines and getting the work done, you may be sacrificing your personal life to professional demands.

For your physical and mental health, your relationships and overall happiness, it is important to regularly assess your work/life balance.

How many hours do you spend working daily?

Do you constantly bring work home or work on the go?

Do you allow yourself to take time off to spend on pleasurable activities or to spend with family members and friends?

Have you taken a holiday recently?

These are all important questions to ask yourself to evaluate your work/ life balance.

If you find that you devote most of your time to work, you may consider hiring additional staff to lighten your workload.

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Updated on: 2 February, 2017

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