3 Things ALL Successful People Do At The Weekend

Inspired With Cup Of FreshThere are so many articles with advice on how successful people work – tips on how to organise one’s time, how to delegate, how to make decisions and how to lead others – but what do these individuals do on their time off?

Are their weekends filled with different activities than the rest of us?

It may not be surprising that the most successful people dedicate their weekend time to work – but there is a difference in how much time and what they spend doing.

Instead of simply working seven days a week, and eventually burning themselves out, these individuals work smarter by concentrating on these three things over the weekend.

Checking In

Instead of utilising an extra two days (Saturday and Sunday) to complete their regular workload, they check in at least once daily to make sure nothing important has come up that needs their immediate attention.

If their business is up and running throughout the weekend, they check in with the person in charge to make sure everything is going on track.

They read emails and check voicemails once a day to make sure they didn’t miss a call from an important client who needs their help ASAP.

It may be hard to turn off all devices as the week comes to an end, but doing so can be easier if you dedicate specific times to simply checking in to make sure everything is OK.

Plan Ahead

The weekend is also an excellent opportunity to plan ahead for the following week.

On Sunday, many managers check their calendar to confirm any meetings or appointments they may have, which allows them to foresee how much time they may spend away from the office, and how much would be left over to work on daily tasks.

By looking ahead, they have the opportunity to notice any overlapping appointments, remember to reschedule a meeting if it’s not during an opportune time and make notes to delegate extra tasks over to employees if there will not be sufficient time to finish an important project.


All work and no play makes for a boring and stressful weekend, which will ultimately lead to a nerve-wrecking week.

The secret to having a productive work week is giving yourself the chance to recharge over the weekend.

This can mean different things to different people, but should involve two vital themes – relaxation and health.

To relax, some individuals may prefer watching movies in bed, while others may want to spend time with family and friends outdoors.

Doing something that allows you to forget your professional responsibilities, enjoy yourself and have some fun is essential for a work/ life balance.

In addition to relaxation, use your time off to focus on your health – hit the gym, go for a jog or a bike ride.

Exercising during the weekend will give you more energy throughout the week.

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Originally published: 19 January, 2017