3 Traits You Must Adopt To Become A Modern Manager

Modern young manager on the phoneAlthough corporate structures haven’t changed much in the last few decades, the managerial role definitely has.

It’s important to assess whether you have shifted with the times, or still have the old school mentality when it comes to leading your department.

With increasing technological advances, employees now have more options than ever before to find other employment, whether in the UK or abroad.

Therefore, managers need to adapt to meet the needs and wants of their staff in order to prevent high turnover rates. If you want to be a modern manager, you need to ask yourself if you practice these techniques.

Democratic Leadership – Traditional managers practiced the autocratic management style, where they singlehandedly decided on anything having to do with the department, and the employees blindly followed. Challenging the boss was not permitted, and those that attempted to were often reprimanded. However, today’s staff members want the freedom of choice and expression at work; they know their worth, and they want their opinion to matter. Therefore, modern managers need to reconsider their leadership practices to create a democratic department where everyone has a say.

Openness – Traditional managers often believe that they are the only ones that should be privy to sensitive company information. They conduct meetings behind closed doors, and only divulge what they deem necessary to their employees. However, modern managers need to be aware that in the modern age, the dissemination of information can happen in seconds, so need to be a lot more open and honest about company news with their teams. Withholding information only to have it get out through another source can make the supervisor seem dishonest.

Investing In Employees – In previous times, managers only needed to worry about their employees getting their work done, and paid no mind to their personal or professional aspirations and needs. Today, if a leader acts like this, most likely the staff will feel undervalued and can underperform on the job, or simply find other employment. Therefore, modern managers need to invest in their employees’ happiness and future. This means caring about their health, mood and needs by asking about their day, their satisfaction at work, etc. Supervisors should also support their staff members in their careers by working with them on a plan on how to grow and prosper in the company and in the field.

It is important to understand that the working world of today is different than it was thirty or forty years ago. Therefore, today’s leaders need to also change and offer their employees more choices, more communication, more honesty and care than ever before.

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Updated on: 12 June, 2015

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