3 Warning Signs That Your Consultant Is The Wrong Fit

manConsultants are ever popular in today’s professional world.

Many of the top organisation leader’s credit their consultants for helping them get where they are in their careers.

Consultants can be very helpful, but also very pricey, many of the leading ones charging upwards of thousands of pounds.

If you will invest in a business coach, you must constantly evaluate the coach’s performance and the relationship that you two form to make sure that they are the right fit.

In this article, we will provide tips that may signal that your business coach may not be right for your business needs.

No Results

The first and foremost sign that a consultant may be a waste of money is by a lack of results.

This doesn’t just apply to your individual results, but to the evidence that the consultant can show of their ability to help others.

Ask for testimonials from past clients, and do some research of your own.

Don’t just believe what you read, but actually contact the people that left the feedback to ask them about their experience with the coach.

Ask detailed questions about what the coach’s role in their success was, and evaluate whether they may be able to help you.

Additionally, establish certain milestones with your coach on ways they will help you.

Some coaches are simply frauds, and will use marketing terms or motivational sayings to “encourage” you to be your best.

You need an actual professional that will follow through on pushing you to the next level in your career.

If you don’t see the coach providing actual results in your training, skill level advancement, networking, etc., terminate that relationship.

Uncomfortable Feeling

You need to make sure that the consultant is working for you, and not the other way around.

These professionals often have a tried and true way that works, and they may try to force that on you, even if you don’t feel comfortable doing that.

For example, your consultant may be adamant about you directly asking your boss for a raise, but knowing your boss, you may know that that is not the best idea.

Or, your consultant may want you to aggressively target new clients at networking events, even though you may be painfully shy.

If you feel the consultant is not sensitive to your personal needs, ditch them.

Not Honest

A consultant is a person that needs to be able to objectively evaluate your current progress, and identify areas in which you need help.

You need an honest individual who will be able to identify your weaknesses, and give you real feedback on what you skills you lack to climb the corporate ladder.

A coach that is too nice to give you true feedback will not be able to help you improve.

After all, if you were doing so well in all areas, you wouldn’t need them in the first place.

Thanks again

Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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