3 Ways To Manage Your Staff After Firing An Employee

Officer Worker Colleagues TeamWhether it was due to lack of funds, inappropriate behaviour or poor performance, terminating an employee’s position is always difficult.

While the manager assigned to this task has the hard job of relaying the bad news, and the person being fired has just lost their job, this event actually affects the entire workplace.

There is a process which should be followed when it comes to managing the remaining staff after the departure of one of their own.

Be Honest

When one person gets fired, it creates fear for the entire team.

This is the time for a leader to be courageous and honest about the events that transpired.

Meet with your staff members as quickly as you can after they learn about the departure of their colleague and explain the reasons for your decision.

While you don’t need to relay all of the details, provide a general reference that will help calm your team’s nerves and help them understand that their jobs are not in jeopardy.

This is also the perfect time to go over the company’s mission, goals and policies, and let your staff know that you expect each and every one of them to follow these guidelines.

You may also choose to meet with the employees individually to discuss their job descriptions, responsibilities and benchmarks so that each employee is confident in what they need to do.

Create Trust

To really help your staff members feel confident that there will be no more layoffs, you will need to get them to trust you.

If you are a new manager, or haven’t worked on establishing a good relationship with your subordinates previously, there is no better time to start than now.

Establish regular communication patterns with your team members, letting them know the latest developments in the office.

Be open about your expectations of them, and provide regular feedback so that they are aware if they are meeting their expected benchmarks.

Your efforts in communication, team building and productivity will help to create a trusting relationship between you and your team.

Throw In Some Fun

It may seem inappropriate to think about fun when a worker has just been fired, but it may be just the thing your team needs.

Whether this involves meeting at a local pub after work or taking an extended lunch, it can provide an opportunity for your employees to relax, unwind and feel more comfortable bringing up concerns that they would at the office.

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Originally published: 26 May, 2017

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