3 Ways Managers Can Enhance Their Own Self-Motivation

grow graphicWhile there’s a ton of advice on how managers need to motivate their teams, not a lot of people are discussing ways on how managers can enhance their own self-motivation.

Although you may be great at delegating assignments, how do you stay on top of your own responsibilities and not fall behind?

How do you push yourself to keep going, learning and rising in your career?

With these 3 ways.

Love What You Do

While there is a lot you can do to motivate yourself to work better and faster, the truth is that if you love what you do, you will be naturally motivated to excel.

You can either be in a field you love, work with a team you admire or simply believe in what you do.

This belief helped Nassar Siabi, owner of MicroLink PC, the UK’s largest assistive technology provider, to succeed; he stated that “it was important to believe that what you do will change people’s lives for the better,” according to a source.

Set Meaningful Objectives

You likely have regular meetings with your team members where you set goals and deadlines in order to work effectively, but chances are you are not doing the same for yourself.

Setting meaningful objectives is the best way to stay organised, on track and motivated!

There are different type of goals – there are daily and weekly goals in order to keep up with the workload, and there are yearly goals in order to stay on track with your career.

While some managers are satisfied with their senior role, others want to keep climbing higher, working their way up to middle management and more.

Keep an updated list of your career goals, and break down your plans into categories.

Then, notate what you need to accomplish to achieve those goals.

It can include taking additional classes, joining certain organisations, landing clients or reaching sales goals.

Reward Yourself

We can’t help it – as people, we love getting rewarded.

You probably notice how much better your own employees perform after you have given them a compliment.

Although you should compliment yourself on a job well done, you should consider other ways of rewarding yourself as a trick of self-motivation.

If you promise yourself that you will take a short holiday with friends after completing a month-long, hectic project, you will likely work faster and be more productive just to get it done and get going!

Although not all rewards can be as extravagant as a holiday, consider a shopping splurge, a movie or even a day in to sleep late as rewards to motivate yourself at work!

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Originally published: 29 August, 2017

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