The 4 Best Time Management Techniques For Better Productivity

portrait of a man holding a clockBeing productive is a skill that can drastically change your time management, efficiency and free up your time.

Who wouldn’t want to handle their existing responsibilities smarter and faster?

Everyone would!

We share with you the best time management techniques for better productivity below:

Limit Social Media

You may want to check in to see what your friends are up to, or share adorable photos of your children from the weekend on Facebook, but time spent using social media adds up.

It may be hard to believe, but one source found that employees that have social media accounts tend to spend over 3.5 hours on these platforms throughout the day!

That equates to over half of the working day!

It’s no wonder that you feel that you can never cross all of the items of your to do list if you constantly use social media.

Limit that amount to off time or during lunch to free up hours of your time!

Set Reminders

Many professionals juggle so much that they simply forget important tasks that need to be completed, not leaving themselves time to truly focus on them.

Then, when they are about to approach a deadline, they suddenly remember what needs to be done, scrambling to finish in time.

This doesn’t work for anyone, as your work is not the best quality it would have been if you had more time and you fall behind on other items you planned to do that day.

To avoid this from happening, keep a calendar on your phone or computer and set reminders that will alert you to different phases of projects so you can devote time to them.

Don’t Multitask

You can be on a conference call while responding to an important email, but do you stop at some point and realise that you missed a large portion of what was said?

Multitasking seems like a good solution to a packed schedule, but it usually just leads to you making errors, missing information and having to redo things over and over, wasting time instead of saving it.

Instead of trying to juggle all of your balls in the air at once, devote all of your time and effort to one task at a time.

Get To The Office Early

You may be tired from all of your responsibilities and and may want to sleep in, but coming to the office early can contribute to a big boost in your productivity!

When you come in at the same time or after the rest of your team, you are usually bombarded with questions, requests and ideas.

However, if you come in just an hour before everyone else, you can spend a quiet 60 minutes alone in your office preparing for the day and jumping on the most important tasks first.

This also allows you to prepare to-do lists for your employees, helping them to be more productive, as well!

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Updated on: 8 December, 2017

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