4 Essential Steps In Becoming A Great Leader For Your Team

Senior manager mentoringManagers are directly responsible for the effectiveness of their team. In order for employees to strive to work efficiently and diligently, they must have a great leader in their manager, one that inspires them to work hard, gives proper direction and motivation, and rewards them for a job well done. There are characteristics that set apart great managers with the most successful teams, and below are four steps that great managers take to lead their teams.

Create a Team – All managers have employees, but the most skilled managers create teams out of their staff. Instead of having various individuals work individually on their own tasks, efficient supervisors recognise the importance of creating a common goal that employees need to strive for. Even if each person has his or her own job to do, describe how each individual’s contribution will aid in the final deliverable. This will unify employees and make them feel like they are part of one project, working together for a common goal.

Create a Vision – Employees often become bored at work, especially if their jobs are repetitive. Therefore, it is imperative for managers to create a vision that continues to inspire staff. Make sure to spend the time to share concepts or plans for the project or product. Show the people how important their individual contributions are to the entire team and the company. If possible, share how their work will influence others once the job is complete. Having a vision provides staff with motivation to continue working efficiently, and not slack off.

Provide Motivation – Human beings always work better when they are motivated to do so. Of course a huge motivation to work well is to receive a paycheck, but having consistent motivation from superiors plays a big role in the efficiency of staff. Some supervisors choose to provide small bonuses in terms of cash, time-off, or other goods for those employees that do the best job. However, simple verbal recognition for effort also goes a long way.

Lead by Example – The most-highly respected supervisors always lead by example. They expect a lot from their subordinates, but they expect even more from themselves. While some managers choose to come in late to the office, give out directions, take a long lunch, and leave early, great managers work alongside their team to show them that they are just as invested in the goal of the company as they are.

There are different types of managers in organisations, but the most successful managers follow the tips in this article to effectively lead their team.

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Originally published: 21 October, 2014

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