4 Quick Tips On Inspiring Your Staff

Two employees high fivingIn today’s world, it is no longer enough for managers to simply oversee their employees; instead, to get the most of their performance and promote loyalty, bosses need to inspire their staff.

True leaders are seen as motivators and coaches that rally their employees to do their very best.

Joseph Folkman, founder of two leadership development companies, explains the four pillars of inspiration at the office in an article in Harvard Business Review.

Provide A Vision

Just as a sports coach often makes his players imagine that they have won the game before even starting to play by having them create a vision of crossing the finish line, so does a supervisor need to create a unifying vision for his staff.

When individuals come into the office every day, doing the same tasks over and over, they lose enthusiasm and get bored.

However, a manager that constantly brings up the bigger picture, stressing how every single person’s role plays in integral part in the company’s mission, employees are more inspired to keep working hard.

Create Relationships

It is difficult for employees to be inspired when they don’t really know their own boss.

It is true that most managers are busy, often leaving the office for offsite meetings with clients, and tied up in in-house meetings with staff.

However, no matter how large your team is, you still need to make sure to cultivate relationships with all employees.

Driving Results

When you are trying to inspire your staff, you need to keep in mind what you are inspiring them to do.

It’s not enough to ask them to work their best; you must provide clear and concise goals that can be measured and met.

You must also follow up with your team members, rewarding them for good work.

Being A Role Model

A leader must be the first example of inspiration, otherwise the staff will not consider him to be credible.

Expecting your employees to be at work on time  and staying late when the need arises, yet arriving late yourself and leaving before anyone else, will only make your staff hold a grudge against you.

Be the model that you would like your team to follow to truly inspire them.

Inspiring your employees the right way will not only make them more loyal to the firm and more willing to work hard, but will also create a better functioning team.

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Updated on: 21 January, 2016

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