The 4 Worst Things a Manager Can Do

thumbs downCan a manager do anything wrong, even if they are the leader of their team? Absolutely!

While most people believe that employees are the ones who need to watch how they act in front of their superior, it may be more important for the opposite to occur.

A manager is the one that needs the employees to work hard for the betterment of the company, and they need to be mindful of how they behave.

Here are 4 of the very worst things a manager can do:

Be Dishonest

Trust is a difficult thing to gain, and may be impossible to get back once it’s broken.

In a time where information can be disseminated in a split second and hackers are breaking into sensitive company data, it is more important than ever for leaders to be honest with their team.

Some managers falsely believe that their employees cannot handle bad news, but they must believe in the strength and maturity of their team.

Being dishonest and withholding information can lead to distrust, a poor corporate morale and high employee turnover.

Not Recognise Achievement

Human beings like to be praised for their efforts, and must feel appreciated if they are to work hard and be productive.

Some managers fail to recognise their team members’ achievements because they don’t feel like they have to, as their efforts are simply part of the job.

Others don’t want to promote one employee over another, ending up treating everyone the same.

However, not recognising someone’s achievements shows them that no one is watching how hard they work nor appreciates them.

This can lead your star players to lower their efficiency and have their work suffer.

Not Recognising The Work/ Life Balance

The newer generation of employees worldwide is demanding a better work schedule to accommodate their free time.

Millennials, as well as a large portion of their older colleagues, crave a better work/ life balance than those before them had so they can focus on their interests and family life.

A manager can’t constantly overwork their employees, although it is not uncommon for that expectation during busy seasons.

If you feel like your staff is always staying overtime, consider delegating work better or hiring additional members to help with the workload.

Not Focus on The Individual

While projects have to be finished and it is vital to focus on work-related tasks, a manager who fails to remember that they are supervising actual individuals is making a huge mistake.

Get to know the people that work for you—learn about their family life, future goals, interests and hobbies.

Although you don’t have to become best friends with every single person that reports to you, it can be helpful to your team’s morale to have a friendly attitude and show empathy towards those that work for you.

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Updated on: 23 February, 2018

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