5 Coaching Skills For Managers That Improve Staff Motivation

coaching skills managers improve staff motivationIf you know your company can benefit from employees that are loyal, responsible and hardworking, you are probably seeking ways to make that happen.

While your hiring decisions do affect the type of candidates that come onboard, your role as a leader doesn’t end after the onboarding process.

A great manager understands their role in helping their employees achieve their true potential with proper coaching.

Utilise the 3 coaching skills for managers to improve your staff’s motivation and empower them to succeed.

Setting Goals

The first step to helping your staff become more motivated is learning how to set goals.

It’s common for both managers and employees to set objectives, such as becoming more productive, raising sales, improving customer service, and so on.

However, nothing really gets done because there is no set and reachable objectives that were actually set.

If you want your employees to sell more, how much more?

If you want them to improve customer service, how?

By answering more calls per minute, by raising customer feedback by 10 percent or in another way?

You need to learn and teach your staff to set measurable objectives that will help motivate them to achieve them.


Employees are often overwhelmed at work, juggling too many tasks to spend sufficient time on perfecting any of them.

It’s typical for staff members to be overheard saying that they do the bare minimum just to get the job done.

How can managers change that viewpoint and motivate their employees to care about what they do and believe in their own strengths, even if they face adversity?

By learning and teaching positivity.

Take the time to notice and praise your staffers on their achievements.

Raise their self confidence by making them aware that someone sees and appreciates their efforts.

Help them develop skills to work more productively, and encourage them to give themselves positive self feedback.

The better your workers feel about their skills and prospects at work, the more motivated they will be to do their jobs.

Involve Them In Solutions

To truly help motivate your team members, involve them in the changes necessary to improve the status quo.

Rather than telling them what needs to be done, have a discussion together, coming up with creative strategies for working, better, faster and smarter.

When your employees will feel like their opinions matter and understand that they play a crucial role in the decision making, they will be motivated to work!

Want to take your coaching skills to the next level? We offer a 1-day coaching skills for managers course that will equip you with the skills you need to become a great coach.

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Updated on: 27 December, 2017

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