5 Things That Go Through Every Managers Mind When Managing

man thinkingAny manager can attest to the fact that their job is not easy.

Although they have a single job title, they have to actually wear many hats: being a leader to their staff, an employee to their own boss, a contact for clients, and so on.

The mind of a manager can move a thousand miles a minute, and they think about all types of things, such as:

Am I making the right decisions?

It may be easier for some people to make decisions than others, but managers have to make a multitude of different decisions every day.

They have to consider the priority of their own tasks, their customers’ demands, their employees strengths and weaknesses and other things.

It’s not uncommon for managers to doubt themselves at times or considering whether they are on the right track with a previous decision.

Do my employees like me?

It’s fairly obvious to most bosses if their staff members follow their orders, but a lot of them are not sure if they are actually liked.

It is human nature for us to doubt ourselves amongst the company of others and worry about how they see us.

Leaders do think about whether their team members like them, and often go to great lengths to make sure that happens.

Am I good enough?

It is natural for individuals to consider whether they are actually ready for or deserve a high position.

Some managers routinely think about whether they are good enough to be given the task of managing other people.

This is why some managers continuously work on their education, attending courses and reading books to maintain their credibility as an expert in the field.

How am I performing?

Unless the manager is the actual owner of the company, he or she has someone to answer to, just as all the other employees.

Whether it is their own boss, shareholders or business partners, managers are always assessing their own performance.

They worry if they are working fast enough or productively enough.

They compare themselves to their star players, making sure they are outperforming them.

What will I do if my employees quit?

Managers know that they are nothing without their staff, which is why they worry about what happens if their most valuable players switch sides and leave the company.

They may try to entice them to stay with higher compensation, more freedom or simple recognition.

But even then, they wonder what will happen if they are left to their own devices, and how they will carry out all of the duties.

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Updated on: 16 February, 2018

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