5 Things Your Manager Won’t Say To Your Face

Your Manager Won’t Say To Your FaceDo you ever wonder why your boss just doesn’t seem to like you that much?

Or do they treat other colleagues much better than you?

If your boss has never directly criticised you in any way but you can just sense that something isn’t right, you may be onto something!

Consider whether you can be doing any of these 5 things that your manager doesn’t like, but simply won’t say to your face:

You’re Annoying

Personalities don’t always mesh, and when someone finds you annoying, they can rarely say anything, especially in a professional setting.

If you annoy your superior, that may be a reason that they try to steer away from you or always cut your conversations short.

Do you try to kiss up to your boss too much or win favours by telling incredibly long stories?

Try cutting that out and observe whether your boss warms up to you more.

You Ask Too Many Questions

Employees often have a hard time making decisions and prefer to ask their boss instead of making up their own mind.

They feel safer checking in with their leader, and believe that it’s better to make sure they are doing something right rather than make a mistake.

The problem is that your boss has many other team member such as yourself, and it can be overwhelming when they can’t make their own decisions.

Although your boss may not tell you this, they may likely prefer for you to be more independent!

You Play The Blame Game

No one likes a tattletale, but some employees think that by throwing their colleagues under the boss, they will become their leader’s pet.

However, that is usually the furthest from the truth.

Although your boss may listen to you, they likely would much rather have you be a team player than a complainer.

You Can’t Relax

Another thing that your boss probably won’t tell you is that you can’t relax and simply chill, even when it’s appropriate.

Your leaders are simple humans, and they like to unwind and have a good time when possible.

If you simply can’t turn the work talk off or not maintain total formality during drinks or holiday parties, you may make your boss feel ill at ease.

You Don’t Look Professional

Not everyone has the style or the financial resources to look top notch at work.

It can be a very difficult conversation to tell someone that their style is not up to par.

Your boss may not like the fact that you are not presentable at meetings or with important clients.

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Updated on: 13 March, 2018

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