7 Reasons To Love Email

love emailIs email the greatest technological invention ever? Has anything else since the printing press affected the way that humans communicate with each other so dramatically? Also, has any form of communication in human history ever been so abused?

Before I go off on another rant, let me say that email has revolutionised the way we live our lives, and, mainly, for the better.

Here’s seven reasons why I absolutely love email:

1) It’s the best way possible for exchanging essential information. If I want to get my proposal to a client in India or the USA, what better and quicker way is there than email? I can be talking to the client, send the email and talk them through it during the same conversation. Awesome!

2) Almost anyone can be reached by email. And if the person you want to contact hasn’t got email, they will know someone who has!

3) There are no time-zone problems with email. Remote management has never been so easy. One of my clients has team members in the Far East and in Mexico. What a nightmare if the only form of communication was the phone!

4) You have a written record that can be monitored. No more memory lapses when you want to know exactly what was said. No more distrotions of what one person said to another on the phone. And no more excuses for not remembering something!

5) You can think things through at your own pace and in your own time. After a conversation on the phone, no doubt you have kicked yourself at times and wished you had phrased something differently, or said something in a different way. With an email, you have total control (and total responsibility!) over the message sent

6) You can keep specific parts of emails in a long line of previous correspondence. This means you can get new people involved in the thread without overloading them and you have control over what people know.

7) You can attach hyperlinks, word docs, maps, photographs, audio, video, spreadsheets and others to your email. This allows you to keep so many people up-to-date with what’s going on.

I use email all day, each and every day. Used wisely, in the correct way,with the right people, it can be the greatest ally you know. I love it!

Thanks again


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Updated on: 16 March, 2011

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