7 Tips for Developing Your Leadership Skills

Have you been struggling with the concept of leadership lately? Are you unsure of how you should best blend your management responsibilities with your desire to be a leader to your team? Today I’d like to share 7 tips you can use to help enhance your leadership skills while maintaining your status as a strong manager.

  1. Always accept responsibility for your actions. Be responsible for the things you say and do on a personal level, during your interactions in social groups or professional organisations, and – of course – in the worlkplace. Accepting responsibility, even for your mistakes, will endear you to your team.
  2. Show your enthusiasm and loyalty towards your employer, even when times are tough. Show your team members that you take pride in your job and that you are proud to be an employee of XYZ Organisation. Even in the midst of tough times – like when layoffs are prevalent – you need to keep a positive attitude that your employees can identify with.
  3. Make sure you constantly set high, but achievable, standards for your team. The higher your standards, the better your output will be. Both you and your team members will be recognized for constantly completing superior work and you’ll be viewed as the leader who makes it happen.
  4. Take some time out to listen to your team members. If an employee comes into your office to talk to you about his day to day activities, listen for a minute and then turn things back to work. If an employee comes to you to talk about a pivotal change in his life – like a divorce or death in the family – take the time to listen and let him know you care. Find balance.
  5. Continue to improve your own skills by participating in continuing education classes. Not only will you have better communication and leadership skills, but you’ll be setting a great example for your team members as well.
  6. Remain free of stress in the workplace. If you do encounter stress, try to remain calm and composed. Do your best to identify and remove the cause of the stress in your workplace before it affects others.
  7. Delegate your authority clearly and in a fair manner. Trust your team members to get the job done right. If you don’t trust them, you should consider taking steps to redevelop your team.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 16 April, 2010

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