Advertising Tricks: AIDA

We don’t often talk about sales on this blog but if you are the manager of a sales team you’ll need to make sure you are familiarizing yourself not only with tricks for managing your team’s personnel but for managing their work and guiding their successes as well. One of the most common sales tricks used to help new salespersons is the acronym “AIDA.” AIDA stands for Attention, Desire, Interest, and Action. It is really a relatively simple concept. The “A” for Attention represents your ability to create a headline or advertisement that actually earns the attention of the niche you want to sell to. The “I” for Interest represents the information you’re going to give those who are attracted by your original attention-grabber. Can you continue to build interest with your marketing strategies, regardless of whether or not they are in print, on radio, or on television? The “D” in Desire represents your ability to present information to your target audience in such a way that they suddenly find themselves wanting your product. They may not need it but you’ve given so much inforamtion that they can find a way to use your products in their everyday lives. The second “A” in Action represents the call to action you must give at the end of each message. You must tell your prospective clients what to do next – to call or visit your website. If you don’t tell them exactly what needs to be done next they’ll never get in touch and you’ll never make that final sale. Do all of your advertising campaigns answer to each of these requirements? As a manager you must develop strong leadership and communication skills to ensure that you’re not only managing people but helping them to meet their goals and advance their careers as well! Thanks again, Sean Sean McPheat Managing Director

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