Age Diversity vs. Age Discrimination

More often than not, corporations are looking to “diversify” their work groups.

While some are diversifying with gender or ethnicity in mind, others are taking a closer look at age diversity – hiring younger and older employees to create a delicate balance of seasoned and experienced workers with those who might not be as experienced but will bring fresh ideas to the table.

So here’s the problem.

You have a position available and two candidates have make it through the interview process.

One is a young college graduate with plenty of references, great internship experience, and fresh ideas.

The other is a middle-aged individual with plenty of working experiernce in the field.

When it comes down to it, both are great candidates but you have to wonder which would fit the dynamic of the team better and suddenly you’re weighing your options in terms of age.

Have you just crossed the line into the realm of age discrimination?

We’ll talk more later about the actual rules regarding age discrimination in the UK.

Until then, think about how you would make your decision.

Would you focus on age or would you try to go back to their resumes and interviews and find more concrete information with which to make your decision?

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Updated on: 5 November, 2009

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