Anger Mismanagement

angry managerMismanagement. That’s a strange way of thinking about anger, in’t it? Every single one of us will, at some point, become angry with another person or situation. When we begin to feel that anger rise up we have to decide how to control (or mange) it – but we have a choice. We can use our anger positively or mismanage it, thus causing us to act out in rage.

Those who mismanage their anger (approximately 1 in 5 people) may soon find themselves headed down a difficult path. They may find themselves in abusive situations, may find themselves experiencing road rage, or maybe even participate in an act of workplace violence.

I could speak to you about anger management techniques until my face turns blue, but here’s an interesting fact. The other day I read an article that talked about a poll taken in the US where in 2 out of every 10 people admitted to having become angry enough at work to want to hurt another employee. The truth? Things like this happen all around the world – no exceptions.

As a manager you need to be alert and aware at all times. Watch for signs of anger mismanagement not only in yourself but in your employees and team members. If the signs you see aren’t triggered by a single event, or seem to continue for a lengthy period of time, you may need to consider whether or not it is safe to keep the employee in question on your team.

Perhaps he or she needs more help than you’re able to give from a mentor/mentee standpoint. In the end, the safety of you and the rest of your team is paramount. Think about it.

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Updated on: 2 April, 2009

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