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Preparing For Your Own Appraisal

You’ll have read lots of information about how to conduct an appraisal with your team members. But what about when you, personally, are being appraised by your boss? Do you spend time preparing well and laying the foundation for your own success? (more…)

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How Managers are Judged

As a manager you’ll find that conducting performance evaluations is one of the most difficult parts of your job. What you mightnot always realise, though, is that someone-somewhere- is preparing to evaluate your performance as a manager as well. (more…)

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Types Of Performance Appraisals

While the performance appraisal process isn’t exactly a favourite amongst managers, it is helpful to know that there are several different types of performance appraisal strategies to choose from. Knowing there are options available should give you the flexibility to find the right type of…

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Preparing for an Appraisal

Completing employee appraisals is a daunting task. I don’t think you’ll find a manager anywhere who disagrees. Often times, however, we worry so much about our end of the appraisal process that we forget how difficult and anxious it makes our employees. One of the…

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360 Degree Appraisals

How 360 degree feedback appraisals are counter productive if completed in the wrong way. 360-degree appraisal refers to taking feedback on an employee from all those who are acquainted with him and the kind of job that he does. Typically, performance feedback was considered to…

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