Are You Practicing ‘Out-Of-Date’ Management?

Past vs Future

Many managers who attend our programmes think they’re doing well and, to be honest, many of them are.

But there are also some who are living in the past. They still think they can motivate people from the outside, build loyalty and respect by giving bonuses and control everything that’s going on in their department.

Hang on, those practices are so, like, ancient, man! Haven’t you heard there are new kids on the block who are spilling the beans on how to get the best out their teams? Here are some ideas of what the old-fashioned managers are still up to, and what the up-to-date leaders are practicing:

Old vs New

Old style: Micro-management, or the need to control every aspect of your company.

New Style: Empowerment, the ability to give your people some rope–even rope to make mistakes without blame.

Old Style: MBWA: Management by walking around the office; it is no longer enough to be visible.

New Style: Leadership by watching and listening, engaging in conversation, implementing the ideas presented to you, and distributing the results.

Old Style: Pretending you know everything. You don’t have all the answers, so why try to make people think you do?

New Style: Knowing your leadership team members and trusting them. Choose great people who have the right skills and fit the culture.  And get out of the way.

Old Style: No mistakes, or a “no tolerance policy” some still think works.

New Style: Learning from mistakes, or being the first to admit an error.

Old Style: Balance sheet drives the business, and informs all other decisions.

New Style: People drive the business, boosting customer loyalty, and profit.

Old Style: Job competency is sufficient. Do the job asked, and you’ll survive.

New Style: Recruit people who will go the extra mile. They’re out there.

Old Style: Invest in technology to increase productivity.

New Style: Invest in people.

Old Style: Demand change; be very specific about what you want and when.

New Style: Nurture change; your people can come up with the best ideas and you can give them credit for it.

Old Style: Incentives; pay employees more money and they’ll do more.

New Style: Rewards; being valued matters more than money.

By looking at the old practices and identifying hat you need to change, you automatically become aware of what these old style ideas are bringing you; discomfort and lack of progress. By linking in with the new ideas, you drive the business forward and encourage your people to look in the same direction.

Many thanks

Mark Williams

Head of Training

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Updated on: 19 November, 2012

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