Tips for Building an Effective Team

Putting the right group of people together as a team can be a difficult task, but it is certainly not impossible. Today I’m going to go over a few things you should think about as you’re building your team. Building your team not only means choosing the people who will participate, but communicating with and training those you choose.

It is one thing to be a member of a group, but feeling as though you’re a member of an actual team is completely different. Every member of your team needs to feel as though he is making a contribution to the big picture – not just contributing his small part without knowing what the other members are up to. Here are a few tips for helping your team members feel like they’re actually working together.

  • Do your team members clearly understand their goals? Upper management has likely given you a clear set of instructions but have you passed those on to your team or have you only given them what you think they need to know in order to complete parts of the project? The members of your team should always know not only what is expected of them, but why they’re on the team at all.
  • Make sure your team is clear as to whether or not they have all of the skills present in order to complete a task. Survey the skills you’ll need to complete a task, determine if they’re represented in your current team members, and ask your team if they feel as though they need additional help or resources.
  • Communication skills are just as important in team environments as they are anywhere else. Are your team members clearly communicating their needs, plans, priorities, and actions? The members of your team should be able to communicate on a level that allows them to resolve conflict, make plans, and complete their tasks effectively.

Part of the team building process involves being able to let go – realising you can’t be in charge of every step of the process at any given moment. Your team members need to feel as though they have control over their project and, honestly, if you didn’t trust in them you wouldn’t have chosen them as your team members to begin with!

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Updated on: 13 January, 2009

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