Building High Performing Teams

constructWant a tip on how to build high performing teams?

…….have clear expectations!

What I mean by this is that as a manager and a leader you should be communicating clear expectations for your team’s performance and their expected outcomes.

Does every team member know exactly what is expected from them?

Do they know what a great job looks like?

Do they know what they CAN influence and what they CAN’T?

Does your team actually work like a team with effective communications between team members and an attitude of “I can help you with that too”? Or are they seperate workers working within “Your team”? There’s a big difference.

What support and development do you give your team? Do you know what support they need? Have you even asked them?

When all is said and done, setting clear expectations is a vital skill and activity for a leader. Indeed, CLARITY is always seen as one of the areas where companies fall down so don’t let that happen within your team.

Live, love and laugh!

Sean Mc

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Updated on: 8 December, 2007

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