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Mentor Obligations

When you decide to cross the line from pure manager to mentor you are taking on a burden of responsibility. You’re adding obligations to your list of tasks that many people aren’t really prepared to consider. Another human being is relying on you for proper…

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The Four Phases of Mentoring

When you begin coaching or mentoring new employees you may find yourself stuck in a difficult situation. In short, many people don’t know how to get started and, once they’re on a roll, they don’t know when to end the mentor/mentee relationship. (more…)

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Encouraging Those You Coach

It takes a special person to be a great coach. Not everyone you meet during your career as a manager is going to be open to new experiences and you’re going to have to find unique and creative ways to show them that higher degrees…

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Coaching Employees during Good Times and Bad

A few years ago I came upon what I thought was a unique situation. A friend of mine was the head of a department and spent tons of time training and coaching his new employees. During one of our conversations he began complaining about one…

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Coaching vs. Correcting

Your employees probably think that you, as their manager, already know how to do everything and are only looking to catch their mistakes and reprimand them or make corrections. This is (or at least should be) furthest from the truth. While it is your job…

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Tips for Coaching Employees

When an employee is struggling, do you offer tips and advice? What about when you assign a team member a new project? Do you just hand it to him and let him figure out the instructions on his own? Coaching your employees is a fine…

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