Communicating with Effective Body Language

thumb upBody language, also known as kineesicks, is incredibly important when it comes to effective communication skills. In order to become a good manager or leader you must be able to convey what you say with both words and physical body language. If you praise someone with an angry look on your face, for example, your words or praise simply wont’t go over very well.

Your body language says quite a bit about you. It will tell another person if you are listening, paying attention, angry, bored, or amused, amongst other things.

As we move forward we’re going to talk a bit about body language and how it impacts your performance as a manager. You’ll learn what others think of your body language as well as what the body language of others should mean to you.

Body language is something you can’t avoid – but you simply must learn how to control what your own body is saying to others – especially when dealing with employees on a daily basis.

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Updated on: 24 November, 2009

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