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Communication Skills

Manager with her team around a table

The 3 Key Differences Between A Communicator & Dictator

Manager with her team around a tableThere are distinct types of managers, different kinds of employees and various types of jobs, all of which may require a different approach to leadership. Learn More

Man with hand on ear listening

3 Quick Tips That Will Make You A More Active Listener

Man with hand on ear listeningMost managers know how important good communication skills are. Learn More

Team being mentored

3 Quick Tips On Becoming A Better Communicator In The Office

Team being mentoredGood communication skills are one of the top qualifications that interviewers seek for managers. Learn More

Man concentrating on work and ideas

3 Quick Tips On Improving Your Concentration

Man concentrating on work and ideasMost people come to the office with the mindset of working productively, and accomplishing certain tasks throughout the day.

However, after stopping by to chat with a few colleagues, having a cup of tea, perusing through daily emails, daydreaming, and getting distracted by text messages and other employees, the day seems to end without much getting done. Learn More

Businessman dialling a phone

3 Tips To Carry Out A Successful Conference Call

Businessman dialling a phoneConference calls have made it increasingly simple to connect with others, defying geographical limitations. Learn More

say no in office

Are You A Manager That Doesn’t Listen?

say no in officeDo you find yourself missing what your team members tell you?

Do you feel surprised when they state that they have already told you something, but you have no recollection of it? Learn More

Two opposing businessman shake hands, one of them hiding a weapon behind his back

How To Remain Professional During Uncomfortable Conversations

Two businessman shake handsDespite the majority of employees striving to remain polite, engaged, and productive while at work, sooner or later most people will find themselves in an uncomfortable conversation that the just can’t seem to get out of. Whether the offender is a fellow colleague, a supervisor, or a client, it is important that the uncomfortable party remains confident in their professionalism and actively defends their right to be treated with respect. Learn More

Businessman offering handshake

How To Earn Respect As A Manager

Businessman offering handshakeGetting assigned the position of a manager does not automatically come with respect from underlings. If you are a new manager who has just started in the company, or a younger supervisor who is managing older employees, your new role in the organisation may be difficult to fulfil if your staff doesn’t show you proper respect. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to gain respect as a manager from your staff. Read below to find out more. Learn More