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Communication Skills


How To Persuade and Not Manipulate

As a manager, you need to sell. That is, selling a picture to all who will listen of what the future could be. You are, effectively, persuaders of a vision.

Of course, there’s a great distrust today of leaders because of their motives, broken promises and misguided decisions. So how do you persuade others without manipulating? How do you become a persuasive leader? Here are some ideas: Learn More

Positive VS Negative

How To Get Rid Of Negative Speak

Positive VS Negative

Is it really necessary to highlight the differences between Negative & Positive Language? You wouldn’t think so. And does it really matter anyway? Does it make a difference if we speak with negative undertones rather than sharing the PollyAnna world of Positive Thinking. Isn’t Positive Thinking overrated anyway? Learn More


Two Different Types of Communication – Which Do You Display Most Often?


When you communicate with someone, your style will depend on the purpose of the conversation, your intention behind it and what results you actually expect. Learn More


Looking From A Different Perspective

FlagSome managers were given the task of measuring the height of a flagpole. They looked at the task and discussed how it should be done. Ladders were purloined and tape measures  employed. Managers tried to climb the ladders, without success. The tape was dropped and tempers were raised. Learn More

speech collage

Become a First-Class Conversationalist

Meeting and talking with others is an excellent way of honing your thinking skills and becoming a person that others seek out for advice and information. So here are someConversation ideas when we want to improve our hit rate when conversing with someone. Learn More

Employee being told off by her boss

The Effect Of Negative Trigger Words In Conversations

Employee being told off by her bossMost of our communication is habitual. That means, we don’t have to think (and so don’t!) when we converse with another person. The conversation just flows and is often
forgotten the moment we move away. Learn More


How to Avoid Poor Taste Comments



You know the feeling; a comment from another person makes your eyebrows rise, your mouth open wide and a sharp intake of breath taken in. They’ve made a comment that can only be described as being in ‘poor taste’. Learn More

Email sign

When Not To Use Email

Email sign

It’s often said these days that we have never had as much information as we have today, and never communicated less than we do today.

There’s some element of truth in that. How many times do you find yourself immersed in information, yet unable to get someone to carry out a simple task for you? Learn More