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Communication Skills


How to Avoid Poor Taste Comments



You know the feeling; a comment from another person makes your eyebrows rise, your mouth open wide and a sharp intake of breath taken in. They’ve made a comment that can only be described as being in ‘poor taste’. Learn More

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When Not To Use Email

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It’s often said these days that we have never had as much information as we have today, and never communicated less than we do today.

There’s some element of truth in that. How many times do you find yourself immersed in information, yet unable to get someone to carry out a simple task for you? Learn More


How To Become Socially Intelligent With Your Staff


Would you consider yourself intelligent? Of course! How would you get a management position if you weren’t? But scientists today have recognised that there are different
‘types’ or levels of intelligence, and it’s necessary to know what they are in order to ensure you are not left behind in the learning revolution. Learn More

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Ways To Improve Your Memory


It’s strange how we remember things that are important to us and forget things that are not. Or is it sometimes the other way round for you?

When you forget something, actually the memory hasn’t left you; you simply are unable to retrieve it because your long-term memory has two major components. Learn More


How to Criticise Without Being Critical

Criticism Stop for a moment and ask yourself…why do I need to criticise someone else? Simple question, simple answers. Because they have failed, botched, screwed-up, or not performed to the level I expected, I have to let them know how I feel about it. Learn More


Silence is Golden – How to Get People to Listen More By Saying Less


The most dynamic communicators I have ever come across don’t say very much.

Instead of trying to talk more and blind people with the level of their so-called intellect, charismatic managers grab attention by treating their words as precious resources. They only speak when they have something to say. Learn More


Clearing Up Misunderstandings and Misinterpretations In Your Communications

confusedHow many times have you said sentences like these?

It isn’t very far!

Let’s get together sometime!

I need it quickly!

I would like you to do this really well! Learn More


How To Encourage Feedback From Others

feedbackOne of our communication courses includes a section on obtaining feedback from your staff, and this is an area that many managers have concerns with. They feel that their staff hide their real feelings and are afraid to offer any form of feedback in case they say the wrong things or invite trouble because of disagreeing with ideas that have been put forward by you, the boss. Learn More