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Communication Skills

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How To Disagree With Your Manager – And Keep Your Job

agree disagreeHave you been in the position where you disagree with your boss, but are afraid to say anything because of the repercussions that may ensue? Join the club! There are many people who have been in this position and it causes more frustration than many people can deal with. They either lack the assertiveness skills to face up to the situation, or they fear the consequences of doing so. It may trigger a negative reaction from the boss, or you may be viewed as being negative. Learn More

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Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 4

4 commsOur last part of our Communication Skills Masterclass highlights how to be the type of communicator that people remember…for the right reasons!

Many people assume that because they have spoken, the other person has heard them, interpreted them correctly and understood them. Well, remember that the quality of our communication is judged by the response we receive. So if the other person does not respond in the way we envisaged, the first question we need to ask is, was my communication as clear as it could have been? Learn More

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Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 3

two phonesIn Part One and Part Two, we discussed the need to listen effectively and get the real gist of what the other person is saying before earning the right to reply.

Here, we discuss how we can put a message together so that it is tailored for the audience (one or more people) and enable them to understand our message clearly. Learn More

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Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 2

phone operatorIn Part 1, we discussed the symptoms of poor listening and what makes us miss what the other person is saying. Here, we outline the skills you need to overcome the barriers that we put up when communicating with people. Learn More


Communication Skills MasterClass – Part 1

networkI’m going to share some of my favourite communication skills techniques with you, so read on for some guidelines and ideas that will help in all your communications in the future.

Firstly, we are going to look at Listening Skills and why they are so important. Learn More


Clear Communication Means Saying It The Way They See It

speakersFor today’s blog, here’s an exercise that will have you thinking.

Take a look at the letters below for about 10-15 seconds: Learn More


What is Your Listening Style?

headphonesStrange question? Maybe. Few people actually think about the style they adopt when they are listening to another person. But there is value in doing so, and I’d like to share some ideas that may help your communications in the future. Learn More


How to Handle Highly-Charged Conversations

phoneangerI had an interesting email from a manager who had experienced what he called a ’highly-charged conversation’ with a peer that

caused a proper rift to develop between them. He asked my opinion on how he had handled the situation, and whether was it correct. Learn More