Decision Making 101: Practice Makes Perfect

I haven’t challenged you with an activity in quite a while so I thought I might do so today.

Every once in a while we are faced with a decision that seems more difficult than it needs to be. In these situations the key to coming up with the best response is to carefully consider all of the facts and then, using your best judgement and sense of personal ethics, make the decision you think is best for the company in the long run.

Here’s your decision for the day:

As the manager of a small restaurant you suddenly find you need to cut costs by eliminating a part-time employee. Your two choices are an elderly woman who works part-time to help raise her daughter’s children or a college student who is nearing his graduation date and needs to work to pay off his living costs (not to mention tuition) while he’s in school. Both are wonderful people but they are the only part-time people to choose from.

Who will you choose to let go? There’s really  no right or wrong answer but you should be confident in your assessments and have a real reason for picking one or the other. Let me know in the comments who you chose!

Thanks again,


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 2 June, 2009

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