How To Deliver Negative Feedback To Employees

thumbs downSupervisors need to oversee employees to make sure they stay on track with their duties and help them improve if they stray.

Managers need to provide regular feedback to employees to let them know that their superiors are monitoring their work, and making sure they perform well. While it is always enjoyable to provide positive feedback to reassure staff they are doing a great job, sometimes a supervisor needs to deliver negative feedback.

Although this is never pleasant, there are tips to deliver negative feedback to employees that will make the task less daunting.

Start With the Positive – Whenever you need to deliver negative feedback, start with the positive first. There has to be something good that you can find to say about the individual. Try stating that they are respectful, have good rapport with their colleagues, or that they do well in certain areas of the job. Then, deliver the negative feedback. This tactic allows the employee to feel like his or her superior not only dwells on under-performance, but also recognises achievements.

Provide Concrete Examples – When delivering negative feedback, it is very critical to provide actual facts associated with the reprimands. Don’t just say that the individual didn’t turn in work on time, but present an outline with details about each project and how late it was. If the person failed to follow direction and provided an incomplete project, give examples of the work of others to show what the proper way is. Concrete examples truly show the employees where they went wrong, while simple negative feedback can leave them feeling confused.

Offer Help – If your end goal is not the termination of the employee, allow time for improvement with the offer of your help. Try to retrain the employee, send him or her to outside courses, or simply work together once a new project starts. This will show your staff that you are committed to your team, and allow you the chance to keep that staff member and not have to search for a new one.

Follow Up – Once negative feedback has been delivered, don’t just forget about the employee. Keep following up and making sure that individual truly understood your criticism, and is utilising new strategies to improve workflow and motivate him or herself to work more efficiently.

There are times when supervisors must deliver negative feedback to their underlings. Following these four tips will help you to deliver effective feedback.

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Originally published: 23 October, 2014

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