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The Knowledge Management Cycle

O’Dell and Grayson describe knowledge management as follows: “A conscious strategy of getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time and helping people share and put information into action in ways that strive to improve organisational performance.” I believe that we…

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The Basic Fundamentals of Knowledge Management

Your success as a manager will depend in part on your mindset concerning knowledge and the way it is handled. When happens when you obtain new knowledge? Do you keep it to yourself or share it with others? There are four things – we’ll call…

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Introducing Knowledge Management

Over the course if your management career you’re going to meet a variety of different people. Each will be similar in some ways but they will also each have a different level of knowledge. Some people have areas of specialty while others are generalists. In…

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A Closer Look at the Personal Development Plan

Building a development plan, whether for your personal use or to outline a training program, is no simple task. A considerable amount of thought must go into each aspect of the plan, but where most managers, trainers, and individuals go wrong is in believing that…

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Formulating a Personal Development Plan

By now you may have found a personal mentor but have you found the time to sit down with him, or even just yourself, to seriously discuss your own personal development plan? You’re going to spend a ton of time helping your team mates and…

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Finding a Mentor

When I first started out as a manager I found myself spending hours upon hours coaching and training my employees, but at the time I had poor time management skills and wasn’t making enough time for my own personal growth. I quickly realized that if…

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