Do Your Employees Respect You?

Not you personally, but you as an organisation. Do they respect you; do they love their jobs? Or do they go home at night and complain about their days and put down the company when they speak to their friends?

There are three main concerns you have when it comes to your employees and they way they regard your organisation:

1. The disgruntled employee. An unhappy person is likely to tell more people about his bad experiences than his happy ones. You’ve likely heard this concept in terms of sales, but it applies to employee management as well. Are you sure your team members are happy with their jobs?

2. Conflicts of interest. It’s not unusual for an employee to have a second job in order to support his hobbies or pay his bills, but you will have problems if that second job is within the same industry or with a competitor. You risk having your company secrets disclosed to others or possibly even having your team members steal clients.

3. General dishonesty. Are your employees coming to work on time and, if not, are they filling out their time cards accordingly? Are they making personal, long-distance telephone calls on company time? Are they going home with office supplies tucked into their purses or brief cases?

It’s usually easy to tell if an employee is unhappy, and most workers are honest more often than not. Are you prepared, however, to deal with the conflicts and issues created by those who simply can’t help themselves?

Having an employee publicly degrade your business can be difficult to deal with. Do your best to communicate with your employees regularly, staying abreast of the changes in their lives and assessing whether or not they’re happy in their work. If not, you may be able to make changes; but knowing is half the battle.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 22 September, 2008

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