How Effective is Your Team Performance?

You’ve spent a lot of time interviewing, training, and working with the members of your team. I wonder, though – what characteristics did you look for as you chose your team?

There are five main characteristics that have a huge influence on the way your team performs when working together and they will make or break your team when it comes to successes or failures. They are:

  • The level of desire your team has to do well combined with their skills and competence levels;
  • The way the team has been designed from a geographical, functional, or hierarchial standpoint;
  • Whether or not you have a leader (elected or appointed) or left the team without a leader;
  • The way each person was assigned a role and the level of contribution each makes; and
  • Your organisational culture (aka, diversity) – race, genders, etc.

Each of these characteristics is important on its own but, when put together, will blend to make a team that either works well together or has difficulties communicating or getting along.

Where does your team stand right now? Do your team members get along well or constantly argue? Is there anything you can change (from any of these standpoints) that will change the way your team works together?

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 20 March, 2009

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