Employee Motivation

Tips & advice to help you improve your performance


How Not To Regret A Hiring Decision

Have you ever regretted taking on a new person? According to research by Reabur.com, only 4% of business owners claim never to have regretted hiring a new staff member. The main reason for it was underperformance. Just 4% of employers have never regretted their decision…

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8 Ways to Develop Motivated People When You Don’t Have The Budget

How I wish I had a pound for every time a manager has asked me how to motivate people when they don’t have the budget! It’s as if they think that money is the panacea to everything motivational, that money will create a high performance…

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Tips for Self Empowerment

A long time ago we talked about the concept of empowerment and how it applied in the workplace. Your employees will work more effectively if they feel empowered but what I want to know today is whether or not you feel empowered in your own…

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The Benefits of Empowerment

Hopefully by now you’re a little more comfortable delegating your authority and giving more work to your team members. As a manager, you should be free to not only focus on your own projects but on your human resource and training responsibilities as well. Delegating…

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Employee Motivation: Extending Praise

One of the best ways to motive your employees is to make them feel good about the jobs they’ve completed. This means offering thoughtful and genuine praise on a regular basis. The trick to extending praise, however, is to make sure your employees or team…

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