Should You Ever Rehire A Former Employee?

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Some organisations immediately escort the workers off the property, while others allow the staff members to work until their end date.

One policy to consider is leaving the door open to valuable employees to come back at a future time and re-enter your workforce.

While many bosses would never consider allowing an individual that quit to come back, there are many benefits to this, such as:


It takes time and money to train a brand new employee; although some employers expect their new hires to quickly acclimate to their work responsibilities, some estimates say that it can take upwards of one or two years for them to become truly productive.

In addition to profits lost during this time, managers and other colleagues have to use their working hours to train a brand new employee, in both their tasks and the overall corporate culture.

If you choose to rehire an employee who has worked for you in the past, this individual can jump right back into their old role, without any training.

If it has been some time since this person left your company, you may need to bring them up to speed on new developments or changes, but it would take much less time than with a brand new worker.


Personality is a vital factor in determining if the new candidate will be the right fit for you and your team.

Most people try to make a good impression during the interview process, but every manager can attest to being surprised by a new candidate’s true personality traits once some time has passed.

If a new employee’s personality doesn’t mesh with the other those of the colleagues, working together will be difficult, at best.

Teams that do not have good communication, amicability and understanding are not as efficient, productive or happy on the job as other teams.

If you rehire a former employee, you will already have worked with this individual, and will know what to expect.

There are no unknowns with rehiring someone who has worked with you previously, which is a big plus!

Testing The Waters

The grass always seems greener on the other side, and this mentality likely makes your staff members consider other professional opportunities.

If you hire a new candidate, eventually this person will test the waters to see if they can get a better package elsewhere.

On the other hand, an employee that has left your company for another has already seen what’s on the other side.

If they choose to return to you willingly, chances are it’s for the long haul!

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Updated on: 14 October, 2016

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